About Thailand



The North

    The fine weather,the mountainous scenery,the exquisite
handicrafts and the rich northern Thai culture are some
charms of the north. Chiang Mai (697km.from Bangkok) the second biggest  province of Thailand,provides visitors with a host of places of interest such as Doi Suthep,Bo Sang,Doi Pui,Phuping  Winter Palace., etc.Chiang Rai(785 km.)
located at the northerntip  of Thailand in the very heart of the golden triangle,gains  fame from its scenic views,exotic hilltribes, exciting elephant-  back riding tours.Mae Hong Son42 km.)is well known as the  "Town of three mists" because it is mist-shrouded  throughout most of the three seasons.  Phitsanulok (377km) is one of the tourist destinations in the  lower north.It has been a major community of the Khmer period and once was a permanent residence of King Barom  Trailokanat of Ayutthaya period.  Sukhothai(427 km.)  the first capital of the Thai Kingdom,is known for its --World  Heritage--historical sites.