About Thailand



The Central

     Central Region is a land of civilization ,besides being the country's most fertile land on rice growing. It is also famous for its tourist attraction places, which are lied prominently on natural resources and the historic ancient remains. The prior mentioned are forests, waterfalls, caves and beaches, while the later is ancient ruin temples or palaces, historical places etc.The Central consists of tourist provinces which they are Ayutthaya (76 k.m..north of Bangkok),the former capital of Thai Kingdom for over 417 years. Kanchanaburi(130 k.m. west of Bangkok),in which the world famous “ Bridge over River Kwai “ is located. Lopburi(153 k.m.north of Bangkok) consists a famous Ayutthaya period French style palace and a numerous Hindu shrines. Phetchaburi (155k.m.south of Bangkok) is famous for the Cha-Am beach and the last but not least is Prachuap Khiri Khan or Prachuap in short(281k.m. south of Bangkok) is where the place called Hua-Hin which a famous royal summer palace is located.