About Thailand



(427 km north of Bangkok) was the first capital of Thai Kingdom 700 years ago by the end of 14th century, the city had been abandoned and fell into ruins, but nowadays after restoration as one of the World Heritage, this city turns to be one of the major tourist destination of Thailand.


Sukhothai & Sri Satchanalai National Park have been restored by Thai Fine Arts Department and Unesco for the whole areas : Here they are some interesting temples in the area.
Wat Mahathat & The Royal Palace :- Sukhothai’s largest and most important temple.
Wat Phra Phai luang :- the second most largest and important temple.
Wat Chang lom :- the most important Sukhothai structure comprises a Chedi supported by elephantine buttresses.
Wat Sri chum :- the temple houses massive seated Buddha image which measure more than11 meters from knee to knee.