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MAE HONG SON is the small province, nestles in a valley shelterd by jungled mountains. The journey from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son by flight take only half an hour. The province is tranquil and cool with the cover of fog all year.
If one takes trip back from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai by road, you will pass through the most spectacular scenery in Northern Thailand.


Burmese Style Temples
Phra That Doi Kong Moo is the Burmese Style Temple which dominates the provincial capital and one can see the a wonderful view of the city and surrounding mountains and valleys from the hilltop.
Wat Chong Klang , Wat Chong Kham house glass paintings and woodcarvings brought from Myanmar some 100 years ago.

Long-necked women( Padong Karens ) are the women of a hilltribe which enhance their beauty by" elongate " their necks.
Wild-Sunflower Field,Doi Mae-Ukho
, They are full bloom during october to january which make surrounding areas look like plates of gold.