About Thailand



Theme Parks in Bangkok consists a lot of interesting theme parks which both of adults and children can enjoy.

Safari World divided into two parts, the first, is Marine Park which you can see many playful and mischievous animals such as Sea lions and their friends and the second is Safari Park which you can travel through the open space where the rare and endangered species of animals come for close encounter to you.
Dream World is a large amusement park within its beautifully decorated area, there are linked paths, pools, legendary castles and more than 15 funny toys, exiting playing machines and Snow Town.
Rose Garden is a beautiful tropical park, provides you the Cultural Shows such as A Buddhist ordination procession , a traditional Thai wedding ceremony, Thai Boxing and Elephant show.
Elephant Theme Shows & Crocodiles Farm is the place where you can be entertained to the greatest elephant show and see men fighting with crocodiles.